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Right Care, Right Person: Chief Executive Michele Moran provides the NHS Foundation Trust perspective

Right Care, Right Person (RCRP) initiative

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The Right Care, Right Person (RCRP) initiative began in Humberside, and was subsequently supported by the UK Home Office as meriting introduction across England and Wales. In this latest video in a PolicingTV series on RCRP, Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust Chief Executive Michele Moran, tells PolicingTV’s Bernard Rix how the initiative came about, plus key lessons learned by force and partner agencies in Humberside during the initiative’s successful implementation.

“It [came about] in conversations between myself and the [then] Chief Constable, Lee Freeman, about the calls the police were getting, from not just mental health service users but health service users in general in relation to welfare checks… and then more mental health specific, absence without leave from detention, a little bit about the conveyancing of the mental health patients, and then the [Section] 136, particularly when people were sectioned under the 136 of the Act.”

“We had some conversations, and that was the concept of the Right Care going to the Right Person at the Right Time. Which is easy to say, but [carried] massive complexities”. 

“Areas that do have Street Triage [Humberside didn’t] may find it that little bit easier [to implement]”.

“We do have really good partnerships with the police, and I think that is absolutely paramount, and that would be one piece of to my NHS colleagues and my police colleagues, that the partnership is absolutely essential, because you’ve got to be able to have difficult conversations”. 

“We started with some of the ‘easier’ phases first, one that was to allow us to develop that relationship, but also to allow us trust within the system, both from a health point of view as well as from a police point of view”. 

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