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Preventing male violence in policing (Ep6): The international perspective

Manifesto for change: Preventing male violence in policing

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The focus of this episode was on understanding the context in different international jurisdictions, including if and how male violence in policing manifests itself, evidencing what works and where opportunities are, and how applicable they are for policing

The debate was chaired by Prof Tim Grant Professor of Forensic Linguistics Aston University, and included Susan Rabichuk PHD Student Rady Faculty of Medicine, May-Britt V. R. Ronnebro Superintendent Swedish National Police, Christine Townsend North American Writer for Policing Insight, Grace Longe Trainer & Policy Maker Nigerian Police Force and JaneTurner Veteran Special Agent FBI.

It’s the final episode of 6 ground-breaking discussions that explore the scale and impact of male violence within policing and which draw on a range of internal and external specialists.

The aim of each episode is to explore how policing works in practice so we can better understand why it goes wrong – and how the problems can be remedied. 


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One Response to “Preventing male violence in policing (Ep6): The international perspective”

  1. Matty says:

    An insightful discussion. I was particularly interested in Christine’s discussion around behaviour change, and understanding the behaviour is the key to changing it. I look forward to seeing more of these debates.

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