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Identifying the signs of child exploitation: A look at the work of Suffolk’s Child Exploitation and Gangs team

Inside Suffolk Constabulary

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PCs Sophie Edwards, Aaron Etti and Sam Stopher from the force’s Child Exploitation and Gangs team give PolicingTV’s Bernard Rix an insight into their backgrounds, and their work protecting young people in the centre of Ipswich. 

“Working with juveniles… they’re the next generation. If I can help them, guide them, then I’ve done my little bit. I’m not going to ‘change the world’ as such, but at least I can do my bit”.

“In our team, we identify young people in the area who are at risk of criminal exploitation, and grooming in to gangs, and we work with them by doing a lot of work with partner agencies, to try and intervene and make sure they’re safeguarded appropriately”.

“It’s working with the young people themselves, but also trying to build a bigger picture about who may be exploiting them, and what gangs they may be getting involved in, so that we can hopefully try and identify any potential perpetrators who are grooming these young children”.

“The Cattle Market is a known hot spot for Ipswich town centre, this is where all the juveniles like to come and gather. It’s a known hot spot for drug dealing and for anti-social behaviour”. 

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