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CC Paul Anderson: ‘People are proud to be here, and proud of what they’ve achieved’

Inside Humberside Police

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According to His Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services (HMICFRS), Humberside Police is currently the best performing force in England and Wales.

With Kingston upon Hull’s beautiful marina as a backdrop, the force’s Chief Constable, Paul Anderson, meets PolicingTV’s Bernard Rix to explain how the force plans to maintain – and indeed improve upon – that level of performance.

“We’re not perfect, we know we’re not perfect, and it’s that very thing that drives us, because we want to be as good as we can, for the people of Humberside”.

“I’ve got to start with the previous Chief Constable, he’s just left, he’s gone on to become an HMI [His Majesty’s Inspector], Lee Freeman, he led the force from the period where it was in some difficulty… I’ve now got the legacy of working with some really, really excellent people”.

“I tell you what Humberside’s good at. Humberside’s good at the basics… The basics of crime investigation, the basics on how we talk to people, and our structures – making sure we’ve got an adequate neighbourhood policing setup. That’s the gateway in to policing, and that’s also policing’s gateway in to the community”.

Paul also talks about, amongst other areas, the importance of having the right levels of staffing, not least in areas such as the Control Centre, in Neighbourhood Policing, and in investigations.

“We put [extra officers] in areas where we knew we could protect the most people, focusing on the people who do the most harm”.

“People are proud to be here, and proud of what they’ve achieved”.

“In terms of the raw talent around us, the raw talent in my leaders, my officers, my staff, it’s absolutely second to none”.

“We speak to our people, we listen to our people, they truly are talented”. 

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