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Preventing male violence in policing (Ep1): Opening Question..”One bad apple or a bad barrel?”

Manifesto for change: Preventing male violence in policing

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The first Question of our first ever episode of 6 ground breaking 90 minute roundtables, that explore the scale and impact of male violence within policing, drawing on a range of expert evidence from both within and outside policing.

Recorded 11 January 2022, Episode 1 of our series Manifesto For Change started with this insightful question from our Chair Louise Mullany…”Did our panel see the issue as ‘A Bad Apple or a Bad Barrel?'”

The session focused on the scale, prevalence, and impact of male violence, gaining understanding and insight of the commitment/will to change and reform within policing

This included an exploration of police culture and values and the barriers to reform

Full Episodes to follow weekly:

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One Response to “Preventing male violence in policing (Ep1): Opening Question..”One bad apple or a bad barrel?””

  1. miccaferoc says:

    A contributor claims the percentage of police abusers is higher than the percentage of abusers in society. What research demonstrates that? Is there any evidence that supports this claim? No challenge from any other contributor on this clearly wrong statement.

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