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In conversation with Barry Thacker, Chief of Police in the Falkland Islands (Part 3)

British Overseas Territories Policing

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In this conversation, Barry Thacker, the Chief of Police on the Falkland Islands, discusses the impact of the Falklands conflict and its continued relevance in the lives of the islanders with PolcingTV’s Trevor Botting.

He also shares insights into working in the overseas territories and the unique challenges and opportunities it presents. Thacker emphasizes the importance of being part of the community and building relationships with the residents. He highlights the need for a different approach to policing, focusing on engagement and support. Overall, Thacker’s career and experiences provide a fascinating glimpse into the world of policing in remote and unique locations.


00:10 Introduction and Background
01:31 The Impact of the Falklands Conflict
04:33  Working in the Overseas Territories
08:36  Being Part of the Community
09:28. A Different Approach to Policing
11:30. Conclusion and Appreciation

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