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In conversation with Barry Thacker, Chief of Police in the Falkland Islands (Part 2)

British Overseas Territories Policing

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Barry Thacker shares his reflections on policing in the South Atlantic, specifically in the Falkland Islands, St. Helena, and Ascension Islands. He discusses his transition from the UK to the Falkland Islands and the unique challenges and benefits of policing in these remote territories.

Barry highlights the close-knit and supportive communities in the Falkland Islands and St. Helena, as well as the self-sufficiency required in these isolated locations. He also mentions the contrast in economies and budgets between the Falkland Islands and St. Helena. Barry concludes by inviting others to consider working in the overseas territories and shares his appreciation for the experience.


  • Policing in the Falkland Islands and St. Helena involves unique challenges and benefits due to their remote locations.
  • The Falkland Islands and St. Helena have close-knit and supportive communities, with a strong sense of trust and care for one another.
  • Working in the overseas territories requires self-sufficiency and adaptability due to limited resources and isolation.
  • There is a contrast in economies and budgets between the Falkland Islands, which is more affluent, and St. Helena, which is more dependent on British funding.


00:10 Introduction and Background
01:16 Transition from UK to Falkland Islands
04:59 Promotion to Inspector in Falkland Islands
07:11 Policing in St. Helena
09:39 Contrast between Falkland Islands and St. Helena
11:32 Experience in Ascension Islands
12:29 Responsibilities in South Georgia and British Antarctic
13:56 Closing Remarks

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