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In conversation with Commissioner Robert Clark of the Royal Anguilla Police Force

British Overseas Territories Policing

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In this interview Robert Clark, Commissioner of the Royal Anguilla Police Force, discusses the challenges and strategies of policing on a small island.

He highlights the support provided by the National Police Coordination Centre and the Foreign Commonwealth Development Office.

The conversation cover topics such as the capacity challenges of a small police force, focus on serious and organized crime, collaboration and resource sharing among overseas territories, forensic limitations and collaboration, and the importance of building trust and community confidence.

The conversation also touches on the unique safety and politeness of the island, the transition from a larger organization, and the need to understand UK policing and legislation.


Policing on a small island presents unique challenges, including limited resources and capacity.

Collaboration and resource sharing among overseas territories are essential for effective policing.

Building trust and community confidence is crucial for the success of the police force.

Understanding UK policing and legislation is important when transitioning to a role in an overseas territory.

00:10. Introduction and Support Provided

01:23. Challenges of Policing on a Small Island

03:46. Murder and Other Crimes

04:25. Capacity Challenges and Assistance

05:14. Collaboration and Resource Sharing

06:33. Forensic Limitations and Collaboration

09:20. Safety and Politeness on the Island

09:49. Transition and Support Network

12:00. Respect and Public Perception

14:11. Understanding UK Policing and Legislation

15:18. Building Trust and Community Confidence

16:47. Learning Curve and Bringing Skills

18:28. Conclusion

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