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What makes a great police control room operator? Let’s find out…

Inside Suffolk Constabulary

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“We’ve got a programme of continuous recruitment at the moment. We’ve got a number of cohorts of new staff coming in to our control room. And – behind me – we’ve got seventeen individuals currently being trained – they’re in their first week of training… That training will take place over the course of six weeks, with some additional tutoring on the back of it before they become live and operational in the room for us”. 

Inspector Roger Salmon kicks off this PolicingTV film learning more about the control room recruitment and improvements taking place in Suffolk Constabulary. He’s then joined by two fully trained control room operators, Leah Mitchell and , both of whom completed their training a few weeks ago, and are now handling live calls to the force. 

“The training was really good, and equipped us to do the job… It’s really rewarding, and I love speaking to members of the public” 

“As much as it sounds scary that you’re going to be on your own, you’ve got so much support around you, you’ve always got what we call Oscar One and an Oscar Three as well, as well as the supervisor, so you’ve always got someone on hand, you’ve always got someone sitting next to you as well. that because you’ve had all this support, you do feel able to take these calls, to deal with them efficiently, and – more importantly – to be able to get them over to despatch as soon as possible”. 

“In our training, we have people from all walks of life, who have left and come here. So many of us really enjoy the job. If you love helping people, are empathetic, kind, friendly – just apply! If you’ve thought about it, you’re probably right for the job.”

“We’re delighted with the recruits that we’re getting in at the moment, it’s making a real big difference in the control room”. 

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