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What is the potential of emerging technologies in policing?


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A recent government report has revealed that around a third of UK police forces have or are currently testing Virtual Reality systems for training purposes. In Scotland, the technology is being used for road safety training for 16-18-year-olds, while it is being used for knife crime education in the West Midlands.

With the Covid-19 pandemic having driven an acceleration in digital adoption, some police forces are in a better shape to facilitate and deploy new technologies, although this does differ considerably across the country. This roundtable, jointly organised by Policing Insight and Virgin Media O2 Business, discusses how emerging innovation can be best incorporated and delivered in a policing context.

It tackled the following issues:

  • The differences between police forces across the country and their ability to deliver emerging technologies effectively
  • Cultural factors around the adoption of new and experimental digital technologies
  • Levels of awareness of emerging technologies in policing
  • Examples of how emerging technologies are being delivered by forces across the country
  • Best practice for setting up and assessing the success of pilot projects across the country
  • The importance of underlying technologies in facilitating successful initiatives using emerging innovations
  • How emerging technologies can support with ongoing data challenges

Our panellists included

  1. Richard Bailey                      (Chair) MD CoPaCC
  2. Ian Cocklin                           NPCC BWV lead
  3. Jonathan Malcolm                Police Superintendent Durham
  4. Paul Court                           Head of Digital Transformation Merseyside Police
  5. Russell Holloway                 Deputy Head Digital Policing BTP
  6. Ant Morse                            Head of Innovation Virgin Media O2 Business
  7. Charlotte Hails                     Justice & Policing Lead Virgin Media O2 Business

Join Virgin Media O2 Business, and the PolicingTV editorial team as we look at the emerging technologies that are becoming available to policing professionals.

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