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Understanding Policing Delivery: Delivering fair and equitable policing for all


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A discussion between Police Commissioner Andrew Coster and Deputy Chief Executive Mark Evans of New Zealand Police and Tã (Sir) Kim Workman Chair of the Independent Understanding Policing Delivery Panel.

New Zealand Police is working with researchers and an independent panel, on a major research programme looking at how Police can ensure delivery of policing that is fair and equitable for all communities.

‘Understanding Policing Delivery’ is a research programme focussed on identifying whether, where, and to what extent, any bias exists at a system level in Police’s operating environment.

The research will focus not just on frontline staff interactions, but also on policy, training, and deployment, to get an end-to-end understanding of Police decision-making.

The programme will initially look at the following three key areas and additional areas of focus will emerge as the programme of work progresses:

  • who Police stop and speak to and how we engage with them
  • decision making around when and why use of force is justified
  • decision making around when charges against a person are deemed necessary.

Find out more about the programme in a Policing Insight article by Deputy Chief Executive Mark Evans of New Zealand Police – click here

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