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Talking with Acting Superintendent Geoff Dickson of Western Australia Police

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Policing Insight and PolicingTV Publisher Bernard Rix recently met Commander Lance Martin and Acting Superintendent Geoff Dickson of Western Australia Police. 
In Part Two of this PolicingTV feature, Bernard and Acting Superintendent Geoff Dickson take a look at a Western Australia Police response car, and the technology within the vehicle that supports delivery of the force’s ground-breaking and innovative work on digital policing, keeping police officers both safer and ‘out in the community’ rather than having to return to a police station.
In Part One published previously, Bernard and Commander Martin discussed how the implementation of the force’s new, digital-oriented technology over the past three years has transformed the policing front line’s ability to access key data on a timely basis. The conversation includes a strategic overview of key learning of relevance to ICT implementations in other policing jurisdictions. 

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