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Meeting Superintendent Bel Berry, College of Policing’s Aspire Programme lead (Part 1)

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Hampshire Police Superintendent Bel Berry leads the College of Policing’s Aspire leadership development programme, which provides knowledge, tools, confidence and skills for senior police leaders who identify as being from a group currently underrepresented in the police service.

In the first of three videos recorded with Bel, starting outside her very first police station in Petersfield, she talks to PolicingTV Founder and Publisher, Bernard Rix, about her memories as a new and recent police recruit, posted to Petersfield in Hampshire, influenced to join the police by the Juliet Bravo television series. Bel also sets out the changes she’s seen in policing over her career – technological, complexity of crime, representation and diversity, and police culture.

They are joined in this series of videos by Rosie Waterhouse, with PolicingTV for work experience at the time of this recording. In subsequent videos they discuss the impact of the College of Policing’s Aspire Programme. Rosie seeks Bel’s advice for young women starting their career – specifically, how young women might best address the challenges that they might face in embarking on currently “male dominated” careers. 

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