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Meeting former Queensland Police officer, Brice Neilson, now CIO at Altia (Part 1)

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Brice Neilson is a former Queensland Police Service officer who until recently served the Queensland Government as a Board Member on their Information & Cyber-Security Steering Committee. He is now software company Altia’s Chief Information Officer. 

He recently met PolicingTV’s Founder and Publisher, Bernard Rix, on Queensland’s Gold Coast, to discuss a wide range of topics across policing, technology and inclusion.

In this first of three videos, recorded on “Surfers Paradise” in weather not typical for the region, Brice talks briefly about his background as a teenager developing software, and his passion then for music, prior to his having a twenty year career in Queensland Police Service, largely investigating major crime, and working in covert policing. His policing career drew to a close with him providing strategic advice to the Queensland Police Commissioner. 

He talks in more detail about the challenges there were in policing Surfers Paradise during his career, and how Queensland Police worked to address those challenges. 

During his policing career, Brice also played a leading role in the policing response in Queensland to Covid19. He discusses some of the challenges of “shutting the State borders” (3337km since you ask) with just 24 hours notice.

In Parts Two and Three, Brice discusses his visible tattoos – and its relevance to inclusion, as well as his work now with Altia. 

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