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Insights from Churchill Fellowship Award winner Dr Iain Britton (Part 2)

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Dr Iain Britton is one of, maybe the foremost academic globally with insights on policing volunteers – also known as Specials or Auxiliaries. Following a distinguished UK-based career in policing governance, he was recently awarded a Churchill Fellowship to facilitate further international research into his specialist area.

In this second part of a four part series of conversations for PolicingTV, he speaks with PolicingTV’s Founder, Bernard Rix, drawing on his unique perspective on policing in the UK and more widely, about areas of opportunity for those in, and interested in, policing governance.

“We’re in hugely changing and challenging times… One of the things that has struck me, having spent some weeks recently in the States, is how stark some of those challenges are to the police in the US.”

“The ground [on which OPCCs stand] is significant in that environment.”

“There are huge emerging threats…”

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