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Fast Policing: Rapid Video and Telephone Responses to Calls for Service (RVR and R-TREC)

Global Collaboration of Evidence Based Policing

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A Production of the Global Collaboration of Evidence Based Policing in conjunction with Policing TV


In October 2022 the Global Collaboration of Evidence Based Policing broadcast a fully live studio-quality 24- hour continuous conference out of two hubs – Christchurch, New Zealand and London, United Kingdom.

The conference brought together world-leading criminologists from across the globe, academic thinkers, and police professionals from dozens of agencies, to look at the role that evidence, its legitimacy, and policing leadership have in everyday policing – shaping “exceptional” policing, the evidence-based way.

The Global Collaboration of Evidence Based Policing has now teamed-up with Policing TV to bring the best of the conference material to a wider audience.

Stacey Rothwell (Continuous Improvement Consultant, Kent Police) and Kent McFadzien (Research Manager, Strategic Insights Unit, Metropolitan Police)

Global Collaboration EBP Award Winner 2022

In response to the 2020 HMICFRS report ‘A call for help’  Kent Police specifically asked: “can police increase victim satisfaction and improve efficiency by providing an optional immediate video response from a uniformed police constable to domestic abuse victims, when their offenders are not present, rather than scheduling a delayed face-to-face police attendance?”

Widely recognised both in the UK and internationally as a highly innovative, practical model of good practice in the operational application of a Randomised Control Trial, this presentation provides details of the approach adopted and how this solution has been rolled-out in Kent Constabulary. 

With a wealth of insights on the benefits – including a better and faster service for victims, opportunities for greater collaboration with partner agencies and resourcing efficiencies – and advice on the lessons learnt around implementation, this presentation provides a world-leading example of Evidence Based Policing in action.

Further information can be found online:

In domestic abuse cases a rapid video connection leads to higher victim satisfaction – The Police Foundation (

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