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Implementing the evidence: Why the ‘how’ matters in policing

Global Collaboration of Evidence Based Policing

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A Production of the Global Collaboration of Evidence Based Policing in conjunction with Policing TV


In October 2022 the Global Collaboration of Evidence Based Policing broadcast a fully live studio-quality 24- hour continuous conference out of two hubs – Christchurch, New Zealand and London, United Kingdom.

The conference brought together world-leading criminologists from across the globe, academic thinkers, and police professionals from dozens of agencies, to look at the role that evidence, its legitimacy, and policing leadership have in everyday policing – shaping “exceptional” policing, the evidence-based way.

The Global Collaboration of Evidence Based Policing has now teamed-up with Policing TV to bring the best of the conference material to a wider audience.

Presentation by Dr Karla Lopez, Australia New Zealand Policing Advisory Agency (ANZPAA)

Across many industries, including policing the adoption of evidence-based practice is hindered by the lack of attention to implementation. As evidence-based policing gains traction in identifying and testing practice that stand to improve efficacy of policing, the potential benefits to communities are lagging. The average 17 year lag between gaining the evidence to using it, must be addressed.

This presentation compliments insights delivered earlier at the conference by CEI Executive Director, Robyn Mildon and explains why implementation science is a natural ally to evidence-based policing.

Our ability to implement at scale exponentially increases with the use of a structured approach to implementation and there are three specific strategies you can begin to try right now. Learn how by listening to Dr Karla Lopez.

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