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Bedfordshire CC Trevor Rodenhurst: ‘One of the things we’re doing here is really focusing on the innovation that’s needed’

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The Bedfordshire Police Chief Constable, Trevor Rodenhurst, recently invited PolicingTV’s Bernard Rix to film at the force’s “multi-million pound, purpose built custody and crime facility”, which was, as Trevor explains, “in part, designed by our staff”.

The film starts in the crime facility, then moves on to custody.

“This is completely the layout that meets the operational needs of our workforce, and – I’m pleased to say – was built on budget and on time. And, actually, is a more dignified facility to bring individuals who are in custody”.

“One of the things we’re doing here in Bedfordshire is really focusing on the innovation that’s needed, at pace, to take away pain points from the working lives of our officers and staff”.

“We are the only force I’m aware of that’s entered in to a collaboration agreement with Amazon Web Services. As part of that agreement, we have access to all of their technology, their people, and indeed, some of their partner companies”.

“One of the things I’m particularly pleased about at the moment is we’ve cracked the “redaction” challenge here”.

“Officers and staff [used to spend] many hours redacting personal data from files that go to the Crown Prosecution Service. That’s laborious, it takes hours, it’s not what they joined the police service to do”.

The technology… “essentially automates that process, using AI, using machine learning, it can do any kind of file, it does it in minutes what used to take hours”. “That has required no training, [and] it’s pretty low cost”. We’re currently looking at our Control Room, and the scale of non-emergency demand that comes in to policing…” “We’re also looking at how we join up our data at the Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub”.

On the new Custody facilities… “What is fundamentally the nicest environment you can have, for officers and staff to work in, and for detainees to be brought and held at”.

And on a new, “Dragon’s Den’ style initiative – “It’s our people that have the ideas”.

Visit the Bedfordshire Police Recruitment Page to find out more about joining the Force. 

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