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Talking crime with Danny Shaw: Mike Barton

Talking crime with Danny Shaw

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Danny Shaw is a journalist of over 30 years experience, covering policing, criminal justice and the law, and in this series he tries to bring some of his experiences to bear when we get to the heart of some of the key issues surrounding crime.

Todays guest is Mike Barton, former Chief Constable of Durham Constabulary, with a reputation of innovation evidence based policing and plain speaking.

Mike talks across a range of topics from Partygate, to leadership, Operation Checkpoint and even managing Cigarette Ends!

For those with shorter attention spans, check out a couple highlights below:


Mike Barton on Police & Crime Commissioners

Mike Barton on 'Partygate'


2 Responses to “Talking crime with Danny Shaw: Mike Barton”

  1. SBarrett says:

    I worked under Mike Barton for a number of years and he is by far the best CC I’ve ever worked for.
    His ideas are inspirational and he gave officers the authority and freedom to do things differently with the only caveat being, ‘Do it for the right reason’
    I can personally endorse his philosophy as I embarked on a totally different methodology of disrupting serious and organised crime which he supported and we were very successful.
    Happy to discuss this further, keep up the good work.

    • Kipper606 says:

      At Northants, we’re are under very progressive leadership. However, I have always regarded Durham Constabulary’s performance during CC Mike Barton’s tenure as gold standard and hugely respect his leadership, ethos & cultural values. Would you be able to share a little more about the SOC disruption methodology you referred to above. I am a business insight analyst, portfolio includes SOC & sexual violence. I am excited by the prospect of learning how we can do things better and continually improve. KR, Rob ([email protected])

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