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Talking Crime with Danny Shaw: James Ramer, Chief of Police, Toronto, Canada

World Police Summit

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The World Police Summit in Dubai was an opportunity for law enforcement leaders to share ideas and possible solutions to the big policing challenges across the globe.

One of the key speakers was James Ramer, Chief of the Toronto Police Service in Ontario, Canada, who took part in a session about embracing technology, innovation and resilience to build safer and smarter cities.

Chief Ramer, who has spent 40 years as a police officer, has strong views about drugs policy. He supported the relaxation of the cannabis laws in Canada where, since October 2018, adults have been able to grow, possess, share and buy small amounts of the drug.  But he wants to go further and has backed a plan to decriminalise all drugs.

In a wide-ranging interview, Policing TV’s Chief Presenter, Danny Shaw, spoke to James Ramer about drugs policy, leadership during the pandemic and trust in policing.

Highlights available below:

James Ramer on perceptions of new technology

James Ramer on mental health interventions.

James Ramer on legalised drugs

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