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Talking Crime with Danny Shaw: Andy Marsh Chief Executive Officer, College of Policing

Talking crime with Danny Shaw

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What makes a good police leader?
In this edition of ’Talking Crime’, Danny Shaw seeks the answers from Andy Marsh, chief executive officer of the College of Policing. Andy has 35 years’ experience as an officer, including as a Chief Constable at two forces – Hampshire and Avon and Somerset. In his new post at the College he is setting up a National Leadership Centre to raise standards for those in supervisory and chief officer roles.  
Andy – who was a speaker at the World Police Summit in Dubai – talked to Danny about his approach to leadership – “act as a role model, don’t swear at people”, why it was a mistake to close down the police training centre at Bramshill in Hampshire and how the College’s recent ‘Fundamental Review’ revealed some home truths about its work.

Highlights available below:

Andy Marsh on critical thinking in policing

Andy Marsh on ditching Bramshill

Andy Marsh on leadership

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