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Talking with Chief Constable Lee Freeman (Part 1): Transformation of Humberside Police performance

Inside Humberside Police

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To conclude our recent work with Humberside Police, we are pleased to enable our series of interviews with Humberside Police Chief Constable, Lee Freeman KPM. to be re-published and viewed by all.

Humberside Police, according to His Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services (HMICFRS), is the best performing force in England and Wales, and – over the past few years – also the most improved.

In this first of three videos recorded as Bernard Rix, ( PolicingTV and Policing Insight’s Founder and Publisher)  and Lee walked around Beverley, Lee explains how he and his Humberside Police officers and staff achieved such a profound transformation in the force’s performance. The video is essential viewing for anyone in policing, of whatever rank or seniority, taking on a new leadership role. 



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One Response to “Talking with Chief Constable Lee Freeman (Part 1): Transformation of Humberside Police performance”

  1. SamScotland says:

    Excellent 3 part series I really enjoyed this and took a lot from the insight into Humberside Policing.

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