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Gangs, drugs and knife crime in London

Gangs, drugs and knife crime in London

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One Response to “Gangs, drugs and knife crime in London”

  1. RobPS says:

    Therefore, if gentrification has not significantly altered those neighbourhoods where lone parent HHs, higher unemployment, social housing, higher educational exclusions are associated with higher crime over multiple decades, how is it then the combination of Gov’t, LAs, Police and VRUs have not been able to systematically reduce / eliminate Gangs and County Lines (CL)?

    The CL business model enabler must therefore be technology (both Snapchat and WhatsApp are double-end encrypted, for instance),meaning more product can get more directly from supplier (dealer) to end-user with less chance of detection. Can behavioural economics be used to adapt nudge theory so that more capable guardians (active bystanders) submit more suspicious neighbourhood activity intel to the Police and plain-clothed cops (covert units) infiltrate (delivery couriers) and tackle, reducing the cost of crime in the longer-term?

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