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Meeting Rhys Dickinson of Embrace Child Victims of Crime

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In this conversation, Rhys Dickinson, a trustee and ambassador of the charity Embrace Child Victims of Crime, shares his personal experience as a victim of serious crime and the support he received from Embrace and other organizations.

Rhys highlights the challenges of sharing traumatic experiences, the range of support provided by Embrace, and the importance of funding and support for the charity.

The conversation concludes with appreciation for Rhys’s courage in sharing his story and a call to support Embrace in their work.


  • Embrace Child Victims of Crime is the only UK national charity solely focused on supporting children and young people who have been the victims of serious crime.
  • Child victims of crime often face challenges in sharing their experiences with others, but support from organizations like Embrace and the police can help them through the process.
  • Embrace provides practical, emotional, and financial support to children and their families, helping them recover and rebuild their lives. Embrace supports children of all ages, from very young children to those up to the age of 18, and also provides support to their families.

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