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Chief Constable Lucy D’Orsi: ‘The future for me is about how we can dare to share data and information’

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When she took up her role in 2021, Lucy D’Orsi made history as the first female Chief Constable of British Transport Police (BTP).

The move came as a surprise to many because the force, which is responsible for policing railways and train stations across England, Scotland and Wales, has traditionally been seen as appealing more to men, with one of the lowest representations of female officers in the UK. However, its new leader is determined to change that. In fact, the former Metropolitan Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner has a series of plans for BTP. She wants to reform security on the rail network, through better coordination and more effective use of phone data, drones and CCTV cameras. And, with the Premier League season approaching, she has clear ideas about how to combat disorder on train journeys to football matches.

Lucy D’Orsi, on security on the rail network…

Lucy D’Orsi, on ways to spot suspicious behaviour...

Lucy D’Orsi, on dealing with football fans….

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