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An introduction to the International Police Association (IPA)

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Why the International Police Association deserves to be better known in the country of its birth The International Police Association (IPA) has very many members worldwide, but relatively few in the UK, despite it being founded by Lincolnshire Police officer, Arthur Troop, back in 1950.

In this feature for PolicingTV, we learn more about the case – from a British perspective – for joining the IPA. We meet Bedfordshire Chief Constable and IPA Bedfordshire Branch Patron, Trevor Rodenhurst, as well as IPA Section UK President, Clive Wood, Section UK Vice Presidents Karen Duckworth and Chris Duncombe, plus IPA Section UK members Sandra Smith, Andy Marshall and Slav Konouka.

Find out more on the IPA Section UK’s website at “I admit, I did not have a great knowledge of the benefits [of IPA membership before I became Patron].”

“After 29 years’ service, I suspect that colleagues across policing may have the same lack of awareness”. The IPA… “offers great opportunities for travel, for continued professional development, for ride-alongs, for cultural experiences, and for making connections with others across policing.”

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