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The Thin Blue Mind: ‘Police pursuits’

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Not a video, but a Podcast! Here we highlight our partnership with “The Thin Blue Mind” who have been delivering some innovative and thought provoking podcasts with us. 

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The regular panel consists of Steve Bradshaw who is a TV and theatre actor, Richard Horton author and Dave Thomas, broadcaster and each week they look at current policing issues and topics within the UK. 

What they all have in common is over 80 years of combined police service. 

Now retired, they provide opinion and insights from a unique position of having been there and done it.  Steve spent the majority of his service on firearms,  before being promoted to inspector where he was a force incident manager.  Richard was a career detective,  before going back into uniform as a response Sergeant. Dave spent the majority of his service on the roads policing unit before going in to CID and child protection. 

You may not agree with everything they say,  but they will make you think. 

The Thin Blue Line with Bradshaw, Horton and Thomas. Policing insights and opinion.

In this episode we look at the subject of police pursuits and how they could infringe the offences of careless and dangerous driving. There is currently no exemption in law to these offences and no account is taken of police driver training and the higher standards they drive to.

The Thin Blue Line podcast in partnership with Policing TV, the leading policing media channel.

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