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Lincolnshire Police’s culture change programme: An introduction

Inside Lincolnshire Police

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The UK’s Lincolnshire Police are currently undertaking a significant programme of work, to transform and strengthen the force’s culture.

Lincolnshire Police’s Assistant Chief Constable (ACC) Chris Davison and Lynchpin’s Managing Director, Richie Maddock, provide an introduction to this work for PolicingTV’s Bernard Rix.

The conversation covers the introduction and context of the work, the commissioning process, the present state of the culture, and the future plans. Additionally, Richie discusses his involvement in national work on police culture change.


  • Improving police culture requires a deep understanding of the organization’s current culture and the desired culture.
  • Engaging with the workforce to gather their input on the critical cultural characteristics is essential for successful culture change.
  • Culture change is a long process that requires ongoing effort and continuous improvement.
  • The work done in Lincolnshire can serve as a model for other police forces looking to improve their culture.

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