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Global Collaboration of Evidence Based Policing

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Evidence-Based Policing (EBP) is growing globally, ensuring that policing strategy, operations and tactics are based on what works, according to evidence and research. Rather than being guided by assumptions, tradition, convention, or subjective impressions, EBP combines the existing skills, knowledge and experience of police with research, crime science, problem-solving and testing.

In October 2022 the Global Collaboration of Evidence Based Policing broadcast a fully live studio-quality 24- hour continuous conference out of two hubs – Christchurch, New Zealand and London, United Kingdom. 

The conference brought together world-leading criminologists from across the globe, academic thinkers, and police professionals from dozens of agencies, to look at the role that evidence, its legitimacy, and policing leadership have in everyday policing – shaping “exceptional” policing, the evidence-based way.

Opened by Police Commissioners from Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, the conference delivered a range of insights on topics as diverse as single v double crewing, police legitimacy, biased policing, police leadership, use of force, police response and demand, and what do we mean by ‘the right amount of policing?’.

The Global Collaboration of Evidence Based Policing has now teamed-up with Policing TV to bring the best of the conference material to a wider audience.

Trust and Confidence – policing legitimacy in the UK and NZ.

Hear from MOPAC’s Dr. Paul Dawson as he presents learning from over a decade of public voice surveys exploring Trust and Confidence in the London Metropolitan Police Service. How are these concepts measured? Why are they important? What are the long-term trends? What groups have lower levels? What are the key drivers of Trust and Confidence? How can officers improve? These questions and more are presented, providing valuable insights into the crucial aspects of Trust and Confidence in policing

The NZ Evidence Based Policing Centre’s Kate Mora then presents the New Zealand Police experience of public perception surveying, in particular the recent collaborative approach integrating a series of Police-specific questions within an existing national victimisation survey. Including questions in the New Zealand Crime and Victims survey provides opportunities for public perceptions of trust and confidence to be considered within the context of communities’ experiences of victimisation and reporting.

More information on some of the insights delivered in this conference session can be found online:

MOPAC Surveys – London Datastore

London – Public Attitude Survey (May 2023)

Victimisation in London 2022/23

New Zealand Crime and Victim Survey – Police Module

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