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Altia’s Stephanie Luson: ‘Understanding what our customers really need, helping them to get better results’

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Steph Luson leads intelligence and investigation software company Altia’s Customer Satisfaction team. In this PolicingTV video, recorded on Indian Independence Day in her home town of Northampton, England, Steph talks to PolicingTV’s Founder and Publisher, Bernard Rix, about her work for Altia, as well as something about her introduction to the world of policing some twelve or so years ago. 

Steph reveals that she’s a passionate supporter of the Northampton Saints rugby union team, and tells (and shows) us why Northampton is well worth a visit! There’s a visit for us to the former County Police Office and gaol – the complement of officers for the town in 1873 used to be a grand total of fifty one, apparently.

As to her work, “It’s all about understanding what they [her customers] actually need, what’s going to make their lives better and easier, and help them to get better results”.

“It’s always changing – there’s always a new bit of legislation, there’s always a new crime type. Criminals are very clever.  So it’s always about responding to that, and trying to tackle that new thing that’s come up, so there’s always something new to learn, something for us to go away and look at how we can solve that challenge”. 

In addition to covering UK customers, Steph tells us “I look after a team that spans the globe… we have a team out in Australia… in Canada and America”.

“Altia’s a really interesting company to work for… There’s always something new happening, and I see us very much continuing in that direction. We build solutions for problems that our customers are facing, we work very much in partnership with them.”

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Altia is a trusted partner for intelligence and investigation organisations globally. They specialise in improving the management of criminal and civil investigations, fraud and financial investigations, incident management and covert operations.

Their solutions and software help make investigations more efficient and effective, while also meeting regulatory, evidentiary and legislative requirements. 

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