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PCC Tim Passmore: Addressing combating rural and organised crime in Suffolk (Part 1)

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In the first of two videos recently re-elected Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner Tim Passmore discusses his recent re-election and the key issues facing the county. The main themes that emerged from his conversations with residents include reducing crime, town centre management, rural crime, combating organised crime, tackling fraud, and supporting young people. Tim highlights the importance of visibility, accessibility, and engagement in the new policing model for Suffolk. He also emphasizes the need for investment in fraud prevention and the support of young people to prevent crime and provide them with opportunities.


  • Reducing crime and improving visibility are key priorities for Suffolk Police.
  • Town centre management is a collaborative effort that involves the police and other stakeholders.
  • Rural crime, including plant and machinery theft and livestock worrying, is a significant concern in Suffolk.
  • Combating organized crime, particularly county lines trade, is a focus for the police.
  • Tackling fraud requires greater investment and collaboration between national and local policing agencies.
  • Supporting young people and providing them with opportunities can help prevent crime and exploitation.

Sound Bites

  • “Policing is a wonderful public service. We do have a very good constabulary here in Suffolk.”
  • “There is this issue about town centre management and so on. People recognise it’s not just a policing issue, but policing does play a very important role in this.”
  • “Dealing with rural crime, we’re a big rural county in Suffolk, as you know, and rural crime, particularly plant and machinery theft, livestock worrying, fly-tipping, these sorts of issues, heritage crime are very, very important.”


00:00 Introduction and Re-election
02:16 Collaborating for Safer Town Centres
04:42 Supporting Young People to Prevent Crime
07:36 Working Together Across Political Divides
10:04 A Pragmatic Approach to Environmental Issues

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