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Meeting Simon Clifford, Managing Director of Cliff42

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Policing Insight and PolicingTV Publisher Bernard Rix recently met Simon Clifford, Managing Director of Cliff42, whose mission is to “accelerate the delivery and improve the quality of public protection technology”.

With the backdrop of the harbour in Puerto Banus, southern Spain, Simon and Bernard explore some of the challenges and opportunities associated with police ICT. They also reflect on the World Police Summit in Dubai earlier this year, where Simon was a keynote speaker and Bernard was leading PolicingTV’s presence at the inaugural Summit. 

One Response to “Meeting Simon Clifford, Managing Director of Cliff42”

  1. PaulMoore says:

    It’s truly frightening that someone so seemingly intelligent & well-intentioned would promote CyberAlarm.

    The entire project has been a utter shambles from the very beginning and only serves to put the public at much greater risk.

    Instead of being open & transparent about the plethora of issues, they’ve opted to bury them behind a wall of spin & outright lies and in doing so, have ostracized themselves from future engagement with the wider infosec community.

    If you’re considering installing CyberAlarm or are being forced to do so through legislation, push back with the mountain of evidence (google it) that it’s not only demonstrably insecure, but written by a team devoid of a clue.

    I invite you to look into it yourself Bernard – it’s mind-boggling.

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