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Launch of short courses on organised crime: Cybercrime, firearms trafficking and money laundering

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Organised crime is a multifaceted and many-layered beast, and understanding its machinations and manifestations is crucial to the process of counteracting its impact.

The unique selling point of the courses is to learn how criminals operate, so delegates can then bring this knowledge back into their day-to-day roles.

Criminis Training and Consultancy Services has partnered up with the Police Science Dr Academy alongside Policing Insight and PolicingTV, to deliver a series of short courses aimed at analysts and investigators that will enhance the understanding of individual elements of organised crime.

In April and May, we will be releasing the first tranche of courses, focusing on cybercrime, money laundering and firearms smuggling. These are 2-hour live sessions followed by a 1-hour discussion / Q&A with Criminis Training’s Chris Allen.

Over the summer, we will also be running a course on international drug smuggling, including a unique hypothetical scenario.

The courses will enable learners to delve deeper into the world of organised crime, enhancing  understanding of the intricacies of how organised crime groups operate.

This unique learning approach combines material from both academic and law enforcement spheres to further the development of the learner’s existing investigative or analytical skillset and enhance the ability to solve problems from both a policing and policy perspective.

Course 1: Cybercrime – Wednesday April 20th 5-8pm GMT, £49

How crime has adapted to the digital age, examining how criminals have altered their modus operandi, and methodologies to become successful in the age of the internet.

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Course 2: Firearms trafficking- Wednesday April 27th 5-8pm GMT, £49

Examining the nuances of the firearms trade, in particular how, as a commodity, firearms flow across the world, how they act as a lubricant for other forms of criminality and how the UK market differs from the rest of the world.

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Course 3: Money laundering:  Wednesday May 4th 5-8pm GMT, £49

An analysis of how criminals exploit the international financial system, examining the history of money laundering its significance the criminal sphere and several common laundry tactics.

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About Police Science Dr

Police Science Dr is an online resource that translates research findings into videos and a podcast, to ensure the policing community can access knowledge that is relevant to law enforcement. It was created by Dr Susanne Knabe-Nicol, an investigative psychologist who worked in UK policing for over a decade. Susanne teaches Criminology, Policing & Investigations at Middlesex University, London. She also developed the Police Science Dr Academy, a platform for online learning delivered by a variety of experts in their fields on a number of topics within policing.

About Chris

Chris Allen is a researcher, lecturer, consultant and commentator specialising in organised crime and how it operates.  He has significant experience in lecturing on UK and international policing structures as well as drug trafficking, cybercrime, human trafficking and firearms trafficking, among other subjects.   He is currently Senior Police Practice Tutor at Buckingham New University, Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Buckingham and also leads Policing Insight’s analysis of organised crime.

Chris is also the creator of the U BATTLE toolkit, an investigative strategy development tool that began under City of London Police in 2018 and since then has gained national and international recognition. U BATTLE uses the adapted versions of traditional business analysis techniques to improve the development of investigative strategies in order to dismantle organised crime groups.

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