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Terrorism and Social Media (TASM) Conference 2024


18th Jun 2024 to 19th Jun 2024

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The TASM conference will bring together a range of researchers, policy-makers and practitioners, from a number of different countries and disciplinary backgrounds. It will be hosted at the Great Hall on Swansea University’s Bay Campus on 18-19 June 2024. As well as keynote presentations from leading experts, attendees will also have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of breakout sessions.

The first day of the conference will focus on extremist and terrorist use of online platforms. Topics to be considered include: uses of new technologies and Web3; current trends in uses of gaming platforms and visual media; and, polluted information and malign influence campaigns.

Day two will focus on questions of response, including: evaluations of regulatory regimes; uses of AI to identify extremist and terrorist content; and, respecting human rights, including free speech, privacy and transparency.

All conference attendees will have the opportunity to register for an additional, one-day event on 20 June 2024, at which teams will work together to produce collaborative proposals for short-term projects that seek to address the challenges identified during the conference. The winning proposals will receive funding to take the projects forward.

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