Global progressive policing

Successful Police Communication: The effect of organizational structure and culture
(Ended 16th Feb 2023)


16th Feb 2023 to 16th Feb 2023

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Registration is OPEN for the fifth webinar in our series. Successful Police Communication: The Effect of Organizational Structure and Culture. It goes live on Thursday Feb 16 at 4:30 Eastern.

The moderator of the session, Professor Mubin Shaikh is pleased to announce that we have our first American guest, Dr. Brie Haupt from Virginia Commonwealth University speaking about understanding community needs to communicate effectively in a crisis. Dave Elanik is a former police officer and currently an Executive Director at Edmonton Police Service. Dave’s talk will describe an important new initiative in Edmonton that is changing how police work with social service agencies to help the most marginalized individuals.

Rick Timlick is a consultant in organizational change management. To him communication and culture go hand in hand. Randall Arsenault is a Human Rights Commissioner in Ontario and a former police officer with Toronto Police Service.

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