Global progressive policing

PIER24: Tackling online harms: Transforming the whole system approach
(Ended 22nd May 2024)


20th May 2024 to 22nd May 2024

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May 20-22 2024, Renaissance Hotel, Heathrow

The Policing Institute for the Eastern Region (PIER) is part of Anglia Ruskin University. PIER is an applied research institute, which for the last six years has worked with law enforcement and key stakeholders to improve the policing and public protection response to the online threat of child sexual abuse.  Now a global epidemic, the threat of online child abuse continues to pose one of the most serious societal threats of our time.  This conference brings together leading voices from across the globe in sectors such as technology, policing, public protection and academia, to discuss action and commit to change to help safeguard young people. 

To register your interest, email [email protected]. Bookings will open soon. 
More information on PIER can be found here.

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