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NRiPN Excellence in Policing Research: Violence and Policing – Trends and Emerging Research
(Ended 5th Mar 2024)


5th Mar 2024 to 5th Mar 2024

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Tue, 5 Mar 2024 15:00 – 16:00 GMT

PGRs and ECRs are invited to join a discussion about the policing of violence, considering current concepts, approaches, and critiques. Attendees will hear from experienced practitioners Lynsey Blas and Caroline Hemingway, and leading domestic and gender-based violence academic, Professor Nicole Westmarland. There will be a q&a session, and attendees are encouraged to ask questions about developing their own work.


  • Lynsey Blas, Cleveland Unit for the Reduction of Violence
  • Caroline Hemingway, Greater Manchester Violence Reduction Unit
  • Professor Nicole Westmarland, Durham University


The New Researchers in Policing Partnership (NRiPN) aims to support new researchers who want to shape the future of policing research and have a meaningful impact on police policy and practice.

NRiPN is part of the N8 Policing Research Partnership (N8 PRP). Using our unique status as a partnership of 8 universities and 12 police forces, we champion, enable, and support policing research in the North of England. As part of that goal, we have established NRiPN.

Free to join and open to all postgraduate and early career researchers* at any university in the north of England, NRiPN will provide valuable opportunities to build a collaborative research network and shape the future of policing research.

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