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Artificial Intelligence – the delivery of policing and justice series: Week 3
(Ended 15th May 2024)


15th May 2024 to 15th May 2024

Artificial Intelligence – the delivery of policing and justice series: Week 3

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Week Three – How can we maintain the integrity of evidence?

Webinar 3 – Thursday 16th May, 08:00 – 09:30 BST

Registration closes 12:00 on Wednesday 15th May

Reaping the benefits, mitigating the risks

The exponential growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to establish an increasing foothold in law enforcement and criminal justice, bringing with it the ability for technology to improve the accuracy and reliability of evidence by reducing human error and providing objective analysis.

However, this growth brings with it concerns that AI could undermine the integrity of evidence by introducing new forms of bias and errors. Moreover, there is a risk that AI powered evidence could be difficult to interpret or challenge in court. This could lead to a loss in trust in policing and the wider criminal justice system and could undermine the right to a fair trial.

This series of global webinars, ‘Reaping the benefits, mitigating the risks’, will bring together from the law enforcement community and the wider criminal justice system, leaders, technologists, academics, and suppliers to consider the opportunities, and risks posed by AI.

With a key focus on the impact of AI at an operational level, the series will examine four key questions.

• What is AI and how does it impact on law enforcement and the delivery of justice?

• What are the latest trends and developments?

• How can we maintain the integrity of evidence?

• What does the future hold and how can we maintain public confidence?

The outcomes from these interactive webinars will assist in forming the agenda for a hybrid international conference to be held in the UK.

Each webinar will be free to access for all members of recognised law enforcement and criminal justice agencies. Relevant private sector organisations can register for an inclusive price of £100 + VAT.

For more information, or to register for this series, please visit or contact CJS Event Solutions at [email protected]

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