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NPCC Disability in Policing Conference 2022: Conversations with confidence
(Ended 29th Sep 2022)


28th Sep 2022 to 29th Sep 2022

NPCC Disability in Policing Conference 2022: Conversations with confidence

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28 – 29 September, Holiday Inn Coventry

About Disability In Policing

The stories that colleagues have shared show us that simple adjustments can make a huge difference; the individual is empowered to give their very best and the force benefits by building strong inclusive teams that are reflective of our communities.

Safe and inclusive workplaces allow us to benefit from the widest pool of talent available. Feeling appreciated and cared for is an important part of wellbeing.

Inclusivity and structured development, rewards employers with the retention of hardworking and loyal staff, who utilise all of their skills and abilities to allow us to deliver a better service to our communities.

The challenge we have is to ensure we routinely anticipate differently talented people and that we expertly accommodate people’s needs as business as usual.

Registration for the conference is now open!

Objectives for the Conference

  1. Provide an opportunity to improve equality and inclusion for one of the largest protected groups in policing.  
  2. Share information and best practice relating to a broad range of disabilities, including neurodiverse conditions, as well as the legal and wellbeing implications.
  3. To better recognise that officers and staff often have a number of protected identities and their most pressing needs may relate to their disability.
  4. Highlight the business benefits of better supporting our disabled workforce and enabling them to reach their full potential.
  5. Promote fairness and talent retention as an alternative to resignations and litigation.
  6. Illustrate the value of our disabled staff support networks and how they can be a trusted ally to support, challenge and champion change.
  7. Provide learning for officers and staff to better support disabled victims of crime, being more likely to treat them with dignity and respect as a result of being informed, or supported with their own disabilities.

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