Global progressive policing

27th German Prevention Congress (DPT)
(Ended 5th Oct 2022)


4th Oct 2022 to 5th Oct 2022

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4 & 5 October, Hannover Congress Centrum (HCC), Germany

The main topic of the 27th German Prevention Congress is: Children at the heart of prevention

The 27th German Prevention Congress wants to examine what and how more can be done for children in the field of prevention. The Corona pandemic highlights current challenges especially in the field of education and digitalisation, which particularly affect the young generation. Moreover, it is already evident that children are suffering severely from the crisis. But even before, the needs of children were not given enough attention by society. The main topic of the 27th German Prevention Congress therefore takes children into the spotlight of prevention, dealing with the aspects of support, rights and protection for this age group. The focus is on Germany, but the topics are also considered in a European and global context.

In addition to the main topic “Children at the heart of Prevention”, all other current topics of violence prevention and crime prevention up to the extended spectrum of addiction prevention, public health and traffic safety will also be discussed at the congress.

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